Update- Isabel Is Recovered From Chicken Jerky Scare

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I shared with you all how our Isabel became very very ill a few weeks ago. And due to her paralysis we made a near fatal mistake in recognizing the symptoms in this dog and we mistakenly blamed her symptoms on a Urinary tract infection. If you missed that post, you can learn here how the tainted chicken jerky affected ourParalyzed Belgian Sheepdog,


It just seemed to take a long time for her to get better. We’d think things were improving and she just never stayed on an even keel for a few weeks. But she finally turned the corner and it was such a relief to see her feeling better, and having some energy and some interest in her life again. I tell you it was frightening.

The new treats we are giving her that are made in America, are great. She loves them and she is doing very well with her health. So I am not at all hesitant to give them to her. I think we have beat it once and for all.

So to lighten the mood to go along with our Isabel’s return to good health, I wanted to share this very cute video. It is hysterical. And makes me laugh every time, something we have really needed after our long spell of worry. Enjoy!

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