Good Work From The ASPCA- Missouri Puppy Mills Shut Down

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I was never so happy as to hear that the Bill to Close the Puppy Mills in Missouri had passed with a resounding victory. So many dogs were rescued and cared for. It is just unbelievably wonderful. I am so happy to support the ASPCA and all the good work they do.  I hope all you dear readers are too.

As a result of the shutting down of the puppy mills, many many dogs needed to be adopted. Here is the story of one such little guy named Peanut.

 Good Work From The ASPCA  Missouri Puppy Mills Shut Down

This is Peanut

On September 21, the ASPCA joined the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) in removing dozens of dogs from a puppy mill in Camden County, MO. Most of the dogs were transferred to the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri in Springfield and HSMO in St. Louis, but a few made their way to the ASPCA in Manhattan. One such pup—a darling Welsh Corgi named Peanut—was adopted by one of our own: Julia Nelson, ASPCA Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Julia first met Peanut while the sweet pup was recovering at the ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. “She was in her temporary living quarters in our Adoption Center director’s office. She was so excited when she first saw me, and the feeling was mutual,” Julia recalls. “She was adorable!” The happy pooch soon joined Julia’s family of cats, Ireland and Woody, and quickly settled into life in Manhattan. Woody, the younger cat, and Peanut became best pals right away. “He showed her his tummy, and now they eat side by side in the kitchen,” Julia says.

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It is just too wonderful to know that these precious creatures are finding new homes and love after such a horrible existence.

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