Michale Vick’s Dogs

The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick's Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption

An inspiring story of survival and our powerful bond with man's best friend, in the aftermath of the nation's most notorious case of animal cruelty.

Animal lovers and sports fans were shocked when the story broke about NFL player Michael Vick's brutal dog fighting operation. But what became of the dozens of dogs who survived? As acclaimed writer Jim Gorant discovered, their story is the truly newsworthy aspect of this case. Expanding on Gorant's Sports Illustrated cover story, The Lost Dogs traces the effort to bring Vick to justice and turns the spotlight on these infamous pit bulls, which were saved from euthanasia by an outpouring of public appeals coupled with a court order that Vick pay nearly a million dollars in "restitution" to the dogs.

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It’s the Ingredients That Make the Difference in Pet Food Prices


Pet Food Ingredients

It is sometimes surprising to see Pet Food Prices. You would think that if something is expensive it must be superior.

It may surprise you to know that while price can hint at quality, a high price does not always mean a good quality pet food. There are many factors that determine what the final price tag on a bag of pet food will be. To note, we are primarily talking about dry kibble as for cats and dogs in this article.

The Ingredients are a big contributing fact to the price of a cat or dog food. Quality ingredients drive a price up, cheap ones, enable the manufacturer to sell the food for less. And the price does not tell you that the ingredients are actually good ingredients. In fact there has been some real problems with some foods having tainted ingredients that are causing severe illness and even death in some dogs. In fact I almost lost my own Belgian Sheep dog, Isabel to tainted chicken in dog treats from China. You can read more about this Here and more about her recovery Here.




Saved from tainted chicken jerkey treats from China.

Isabel, My Parlayzed Dog














This is my Isabel that You’ve seen in a lot of other posts but she had a very scary time with that tainted Chicken Jerky from China. I am just so grateful that we saved her. But it did open our eyes that we needed to do so much better with choosing our dog food and treats. We learned to read labels and know what is important and good for our beloved pets.

Here is some more help to help you decide on a food for your pets. We may try to read the labels on our pet’s food, but what does it really say to us. We may need some help with this. Here is a Wiki Article that breaks the label down so we can make good choices. How to choose healthy dog food.



Choose Your Food Carefully For Your Precious Pets – Don’t Let Pet Food Prices Deter You From Excellence. 

 Iams Proactive Health Adult Lamb Meal and Rice, 15.5-Pound BagsPet Food Prices

I have connected with an amazing woman who loves dogs as much as I do. Her website, Health for Dogs, teaches dog owners ways to keep their dogs optimally healthy with more natural methods. She has also studied many symptoms in dogs and diseases that affect our pets and is willing to share her knowledge with us all. Feel free to visit her site, I know I do.

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